Mary Ann Carman 
Cross-genre Mystery Author
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About Mary Ann
I was born in Kansas with down home values. While in college I met and married the father of my two boys. After the Air Force sent us to various locations we finally settled in Tucson, Arizona and I love it. I would go crazy if I didn't have 360 days of sunshine, no snow, and no tornados.

I've always loved to read. I can be anyone or any place I want. I always knew that one day I would write. I started out in poetry, then children's books, and eventually mystery - in all its various styles. 

Throughout my life I've worn many hats: wife, mother, nurse, realtor, grandmother and great grandmother. Now along with my reading and writing I also crochet, knit, and work in a local non-profit. Family photos below.

​My first book Never To Love was originally published by a small press back east, but I re-issued it in the fall of 2014 and followed it over the past couple of years with the rest of the trilogy and the start of two new series.

My soul-mate always wanted me to return to writing and I'm sure he's looking down at me and nodding that I'm following the path he wanted me to. Thank you Cisco!
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