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Cross-genre Mystery Author
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Clan Hewit Trilogy
The Clan Hewit Trilogy started way back in the '90s when I decided I could write as well as the authors I was reading. 

Off I went with three years of research into the medieval lives of characters living in Ireland and England – what they did, what they wore, how they spoke, and many other interesting areas of their lives. 

I read and probed everything I could find even working with a book store in Ireland to get books not available here in the states.

There is a slight touch of paranormal and fantasy that may be just my imagination, or it could have happened that way. We will never know...

Love After Life
Chronicles Between the Pages
My Books
I love writing and hope you love reading, but of course   you do or you wouldn't be here. 

Click on the pics to the right and they will take you to individual pages for each series where you'll find more info about each book, and frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

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Something Old is the first book in the series Love After Life. It is a contemporary cozy mystery set in Southern Arizona and Southern California with a jaunt to Hawaii in one of them.

I'm only two books into the series and have no idea right now where it will take me.

 There are paranormal elements in most all of my books but especially this one.  I do hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

These are easy to read and I love the touching scenes between the hero and heroine. Married, but not  – who's to say?

I hope you love reading them as much as I love writing them. 
Chronicles Between the Pages is a fantasy series. The first, It's About Time, was supposed to be a stand-alone when I originally wrote it in 2003, but it's been updated and now has a life of its own. 

I really have a love of fantasy and this is taking one of the principles  of good writing –making sure your characters are real to the reader  – to a whole new level. 

It's one I hadn't even thought of until I began writing  this fun romp into fantasy land. I really think you will enjoy your time spent there. I know  I did.