Mary Ann Carman 
Cross-genre Mystery Author
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Chronicles Between the Pages 
The sorceress Mere commands her world. She can't stand being second to anyone. She despises Beth for taking Todd away from his writing and away from her. She uses her opalescent moonstone and the powers it gives her to pull Todd into her world, the world of her book. She hadn't planned on Beth's power, and the power of love.

Todd is an author, but nothing seems real to him. Not his characters, not his life. His sleep patterns are disturbed and he hears voices. The dreams began slowly, but upon waking up, he finds he's in another world. The world of his book, and he can't get out. He needs to return to Beth, the only thing that seems real to him, but will he be able to return?

Beth is an artist, and a witch. She has loved Todd ever since he moved in next door. But she keeps this locked in her heart, She hopes she and Todd have a future together, but when she finds him comatose she senses something else is happening. Will she be able to pull him back to her to paint the life she dreams of?
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The earth is crisscrossed with ley lines. Many believe their power comes through the mystical megaliths which sit at the vortexes. Will ancient spiritualism dictate the future or not?

1858 London: As the clouds swirl, the blood red moon covers the sun, plunging Kathryn into near darkness. She is standing on London Bridge with her betrothed, Thomas to watch an eclipse. Their betrothal ball is tonight and she wants to make an impression on the high society of London.

1994 Lake Havasu City: Jonstan leaves the office to walk home, unknowing that his world is about to turn into chaotic disarray. Finding Kathryn on London Bridge he carries her to his condo. He is taken by her beauty, but her clothing, words, and defiance make for a confusing puzzle.

Together they must probe how she traveled nearly 140 years into the future. As Kathryn and Jonstan become closer together they wonder—Will Kathryn find a way to return her betrothed? Does she want to go back? What consequences will her unexpected trip make to the lives she left behind?