Mary Ann Carman 
Cross-genre Mystery Author
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Clan Hewit Trilogy 
Ciannait yearns for undying love, but she vows revenge for her father's murder. Battles rage across  Ireland as she learns this is a difficult task. A witch and a healer, will Ciannait end up Never To Love?

Ordered home by the king, Lorcan is honor bound to follow his father's command to wed, though his heart is still in battle. When he meets Ciannait, he's torn between his honor and his heart's desire.

Ciannait and Lorcan look for answers to the puzzle, but their search leads them into a battle of good versus evil. The struggle between her vow of revenge and her passionate love forces vital decisions.
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Kieran must recover his family lands from the Sasannaich (English). Taking Juliana to wife is the only way. His father made deals with the English king before his passing, leaving Kieran no choice. Kieran doesn't trust Juliana, and she's not to sure she trusts him either, every approach meets with resistance. Touching him, however lightly, makes her tremble, and Juliana is unaware of how she makes Kieran's heart soar each time she looks at him.

Juliana travels the path of her dreams, until the enemy crashes into her life. Forced by the king to wed. Truth and freedom make unlikely bed partners. Independence is what Juliana dreams of but when the enemy enters and everything changes. Kieran's an untrustworthy barbarian from across the Channel, where her brother fights. His charming brogue, and sparkling emerald eyes cause Juliana's resolve to start slipping.

Mistrust and hostility intertwine with their personal dreams and nightmares from their past to build a web of deception that threatens to tear them apart before they've even had a chance to find love.
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Anora is about to be wed, but will the ceremony ever take place? She finds herself kidnapped by Deirdre, her brainsick aunt and trasported to the far side of Ireland. Does her betrothed even know where to look?

Anora doesn't understand the reason for being snatched away from everything she's ever known but she will soon find out that things are not always what they seem.

Roger St.Martin is a dangerous man, and Anora's betrothed. Is he the reason she was kidnapped? Is she being saved from a fate she could never imagine?

Quinn, the youngest son of the Chief of Clan Hewit was destined for a monastery. A life that didn't appeal to him. He must prove himself to his clan, but he has his own agenda. Regaining his families keep that was stolen years ago.

Anora must get word to Roger, her betrothed. In steps Quinn, acting as a stable hand at her Uncle Cathal's estate, but is he who he ways he is ... or is he up to no good?
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