Mary Ann Carman 
Cross-genre Mystery Author
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FREE Books! 
Who isn't interested in getting free books? But what's the catch?
The catch is that for me to give you a free book you owe me a review of the book.

Not all that hard. You just pledge to read the book I send you and send me a review back in return. You add it to Amazon, 
Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. I'll put the review on Facebook and we're good to go.

I need the commitment to read the book within a couple of weeks of you receiving it. That's it. If you want to be one of my first readers or reviewers just fill out the form below and put in "first reader" or "reviewer" at the start of your request. You'll need  to send me the e-format you prefer and I'll send it back to you by return email.

For first readers there is more involvement. I will send you chapters throughout the writing of the book and you will let me            know what you think works for you and what doesn't. I'll take your information under consideration and if I change the text I will re-send the work for you to see if the changes have helped. I won't send just one or two chapters at a time, more likely 
it will be 6 or 7 chapters so you can get a feel of how the book is working. Let me know if this is something that you feel you can do when you send your information on the form below. Thanks!