Mary Ann Carman 
Cross-genre Mystery Author
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Love After Life Series 
When Helena Foster awoke on her wedding day she sensed something was off. She had no idea how right she was.

Jeffrey Irvington, Helena's fiance, owns two restaurants, one of which is in Mission Park and happens to be where their reception will be held.

Forgetting something in the back room is his fatal mistake. Once he steps foot out of the employee break room while adjusting his boutonniere, his fate is sealed.

Disaster strikes and Helena must find the person responsible for taking away her future, but is it really gone or does it just see like it is? Sometimes best friends forever means just that.
Nine months ago Jackson Tammy was living in a small cottage on the out skirts of Mission Park in California, keeping to himself. Now he's moving into a rental in Tucson because he found out the police were circulating a picture of him to the surrounding communities. It's too hot! He has to move on.

Nine years ago Courtney Goodman was fresh out of school. A newly minted investment professional ready to save the world until he and his buddies partied a little too much and his world came tumbling down around him.

Helena and Jeffrey learn from Michael Ennis, the Chief of Police with the Mission Park PD and a friend, that he had a lead to a Pro Shop robbery which happened shortly after their wedding-that-didn't-happen. The bad news is the lead is in Tucson. The good news is that Helena and Jeffrey own a restaurant in Tucson, A Capella.

On a trip back to the Old Pueblo, as Tucson is sometimes called, Helena and Jeffrey plan to anonymously help Michael solve his case, and if they somehow are able to solve the murder of a girl who used to work for Jeffrey so much the better. But what they find when they arrive in Tucson and start snooping is more than they planned for.
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A ringing phone leads to Maui heat!

Helena Foster is frightened. Her parents were abducted in the Maui airport. The reason -- she doesn't know or want to imagine.

Alarmed and edgy, she must interpret their message. With Jeffrey, her ghostly companion, she begins her search for the man who craves her talents.

Can she locate them in time? Will he sacrifice them in his eagerness to reach his goal?
Lost or Abducted
In the thick of the San Bernardino Mountains, change came quickly to Terri. The day started like any other but surrounded by forest - all that changed.

Peace or Chaos
Helena returned from Maui relaxed, but chaos erupted when a young girl went missing and she needed to join the search. 

Greed or Proof of Value
Damien had a scheme, he contacted James Thornton to set it up, But in the forests of Lytle Creek it all went wrong.

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